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DTS (Digital Theatre Systems) Inc. an American multinational company are one of the leading developers of sound technology The DTS surround sound used in several of the best home theatres is a series of multichannel audio technologies invented by them.

DTS began with a 5.1 channel system in which they encoded audio as five discrete, full range channels and added to this a Low Frequency Effects channel meant for the subwoofer. DTS Neo 6 is a variant of the DTS 5.1 and was DTS's response to Dolby's Prologic II. Here another channel called the center channel is generated from the present 5.1 channel, thus extracting a 6.1 channel surround sound system from a two-channel audio source.

Neo:6 is a matrixed surround sound system and a multiband decoder capable of enhancing multiple signals simultaneously. Compatibility isn't an issue with Neo:6 as it can work its way with any two channel audio source content.

Our list of the best home theatres with surround sound DTS Neo:6 are top rated HT sets from manufacturers like Sony, Onkyo and Samsung; and depending on your budget you've got the option of 5.1, 6.1 or even a 7.1 configuration. However, with a 7.1 system the DTS Neo:6 is limited to playing only mono in the two center-rear speakers. Many of the leading HT systems in this bracket offer several features including Blu-Ray disc players which can be connected to your speakers through the A/V receiver to watch HD movies with cinematic audio dynamics. If you've already got a Blu-ray player, you could opt for one of these home theater sets which are 3D compatible. They come with 3D HDMI so you can even watch 3D HD movies with the best surround sound.

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