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HP is one of the major manufacturers of best desktop computers 2013, having distinct product lines for home offices, businesses, and entertainment. HP has traditional, touch screen and high performance desktops for the home-user market; and the desktop and workstation models for business users fulfill every computing need affordably). The best HP desktop product lines include Compaq, Envy, Pavillion, Touchsmart, "Phoenix", Spectre, Slimline and Omni.

The "Phoenix" high performance edition (HPE) is a set of advanced desktops specifically designed for gamers. The most popular product lines include Pavillion and HPE desktops and the latest models from HP are Touchsmarts. This set of desktop products also include all-in-one PC's some of them operating on touch. HP's desktops operating on Windows 7/Windows 8 implement AMD or Intel processors - and are known for their responsive multitasking.

From HP you have a wide range of options to select from with their different screen-sized desktop models which implement LCD and LED technologies. The latest high performance desktops from HP feature bold and big sized HD displays (up to 27" widescreen LCD-backlit), 64-bit Windows 8, memory up to 12GB (DDR3), 1TB hard drive (7200 SATA), AMD Radeon HD 7570 graphic card (2 GB DDR3, up to 4.71 GB), Intel quad-core processors (3rd generation i7-3770) and connectivity ports (along with adapters) like DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI and VGA.

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