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HP manufactures some of the topmost desktops for consumer and business usages which have Intel Core i5 processors. The best HP i5 desktops with processor speeds at least 2.5GHz are used for some rigorous tasks such as video editing and music composing.

The top ranked HP i5 desktops run Windows 8/Windows 7 operating systems and are capable of handling high-end graphics. RAM of 6GB in these HP i5 desktops would be good for multitasking and running various applications such as photo editor. Hard drive capacity of 1TB or more would be sufficiently spacious for storing photos, music, videos and other important content.

To help you choose the best HP i5 desktop, we have considered the major desktop reviews from around the web and listed the top rated products here.

Buying tips to find the Best HP i5 Desktop of 2014

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