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HP's Pavilion, the popular line of desktop and notebook models are value-packed and performing products for everyday computing needs. The best Pavilion desktop models have screen sizes up to 23" and implement the latest generation Intel or.AMD dual/quad-core latest generation processors. Most of the latest Pavilion models have Windows 8 installed on them, while some still run on the previous Windows 7 version. MediaSmart and Beats are technologies developed by HP for handling multimedia content with premium sound quality.

The best Pavilion all-in-one desktops for entertainment purposes feature an AMD processor, HD graphics, integrated speakers and full HD display with an integrated HD webcam. Some of the high-end Pavilion desktop models offer you a hard drive capacity up to 1.5 TB and have up to 3GB of AMD's discrete graphics card memory.

HP Pavilion desktops with 't' in their model names work on Intel processors, and those with 'z' run on AMD processors. HP desktops with 'xt' in their model names work on Intel processors but have discrete graphics cards.

Buying tips to find the Best HP Pavilion Desktop of 2014

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