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The best HTC phones coming out are the high end android based cell phones and their usability has improved over the years to offer a very good option as compared to the iPhone. This list of HTC cellphones also includes best business smartphones 2013.

A relatively new company, HTC has grown rapidly starting from 1997. HTC has emerged as the top Android cellphone maker by far and has done some great work in making it a lot more usable with the HTC sense user interface.

Almost all HTC android phones are running Android 2.3 or above version. HTC high-end phones are running latest Android 4(Ice Cream Sandwich) version and some are coming with latest Windows phone OS.

The HTC phones mostly have rock solid build and offer very slick and smooth experience but have a rather poor reputation in the camera area.

HTC One M9


1. HTC One M9    $709 - $950

HTC Desire Eye


2. HTC Desire Eye    $469 - $550

HTC One (M8) for Windows


3. HTC One M8 for Windows    $600 - $670

HTC One M8


4. HTC One M8    $700 - $1,330

HTC One E8


5. HTC One E8    $500 - $550

Buying tips to find the Best HTC Cell Phone of 2015

Key facts about HTC:
1. In April 2011, HTC became the third largest smart-phone maker in the world, only behind Apple and Samsung.
2. HTC phones are also popular for their connectivity and wireless capabilities.

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