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HTC, well known for its Windows and Android based smartphones, entered into tablet manufacturing in 2011. While most of the manufacturers offer tablets with large screen sizes above 9 inch, most HTC tablets come handy with pocketable size of 7 inch.

The tablets from HTC inherit a wholly new feature HTC Sense, a fast and responsive graphical interface. Furthermore, the tablets are portable with light weight around 1lb and durable because of the design with strong build. The most important features of these tablets are HTC digital pens ideal for drawing and note taking.

The best HTC tablets of 2013 are marketed under the name HTC Flyer, HTC Jetstream and HTC Evo View 4G. Here, we summarize the best use of each of them.

HTC Flyer:
HTC Flyer tablets have high-resolution screens and wider viewing angle and are therefore appropriate for watching movies. Its 5 megapixel rear camera finds a good application in HD video recording and also enables you to have video chat.

HTC Jetstream:
Jetstream is the only HTC tablet to have screen size of 10 inch, there are button placements as well which add to the thickness and make it bulky. These HTC tablets have lots of preloaded apps and are good for playing games. Moreover, these tablets with AT&T 4G LTE network provides fast web browsing.

HTC Evo View:
HTC Evo View tablets have the same features as Flyer but there is additional support for Sprint's 4G network included. The tablets offer speedy browsing but only if you can afford data plans which are too costly.

In an effort to help you choose the perfect device, we have selected the best HTC tablets of 2013 based on the opinions of the topmost reviewers.

HTC EVO View 4G Android Tablet - 32 GB


1. HTC EVO View    $315

HTC Jetstream (Puccini)


2. HTC Jetstream (Puccini)   

HTC Flyer 7Inch Android Tablet 16 GB


3. HTC Flyer    $282

HTC Flyer 7 inch Android Tablet 32GB


4. HTC Flyer    $282

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