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IBM, an American multinational technology corporation manufactures computer software and hardware. IBM produces hard drives to meet the demands of storage devices in the market. The best IBM hard drives have internal enclosure and the interface includes SATA and SAS (Serial attached SCSI).

The topmost IBM hard drives deliver high performance, are reliable and keep the data secure. IBM hard drives having high ranking are available in form factors 2.5 inch as well as 3.5 inch for laptops and desktops respectively. IBM hard drives have capacities of 146GB to 3TB. The top rated hard drives from IBM mostly have storage capacities of 160 GB.

The IBM hard drives with an SCSI interface have their spindles rotating at a fast speed of 10000 RPM. This facilitates in the faster access to data stored on disk platters thereby increasing the performance delivered.

IBM also produces hybrid hard disk drives which use NAND flash for caching data for better performance and SED (Self-Encrypting Hard Disk Drive) which assure companies' data security.

In an attempt to help you make smart buying decisions, we list here the best IBM hard drives of 2013 which is based on the expert reviews across the internet.

IBM UltraStar 18LZX 9 1 GB SCSI-3 Ultra2  8-bit  Hard Drive

IBM UltraStar 18LZX


IBM 81Y9915 900 GB 2.5" Internal SAS Hard Drive

IBM 81Y9915
$358 - $700


IBM 42D0632 146 GB SAS Hard Drive

IBM 42D0632
$105 - $234


IBM  06P5765  18 2 GB SCSI Ultra160  16-bit  Hard Drive

IBM 06P5765


IBM (59Y5536) 2 TB SATA Hard Drive

IBM 59Y5536
$480 - $540


IBM  13N6805  80 GB Hard Drive

IBM 13N6805


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