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The best interface digital cameras are chosen from the ones which have atleast a 3 inch LCD screen size.

One of the key factors to consider when deciding to buy a digital camera is the build, handling and user-friendliness of the camera interface. With myriad powerful features and controls even the typical point and shoot camera these days has loads of menus which can potentially confuse the user.

The best interface digital cameras offer easily navigable interfaces. You don't want to get stuck by a lot of menu settings which keeps you from capturing that perfect shot.

The opinion is divided on the best type of user interface. Generally the more seasoned users and those accustomed to SLR cameras prefer having the mechanical button controls which are very handy and quick to maneuver like the click wheel interface of the Canon cameras. On the other hand, those starting out on a digital camera and the young tech-savvy crowd prefer a touch screen menu system. The best interface digital cameras have a good balance of manual controls and menu settings for a better user experience.

The choice of the interface is it really is a matter of personal preference so research the user interface system well before buying. Also the quality of the LCD screen and the resolution helps in framing shots. Some of the best interface cameras are profiled in this list, which are easy to use for newbies as well as for the photo enthusiasts.

Buying tips to find the Best Interface Digital Camera of 2014 - 2015

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