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Any media equipment that you use should have a decent interface so as to not frustrate the user. If the manufacturers want to retain the customers then the device should have a relatively simple easy to use, intuitive interface for accessing the various settings/menu of the mp3 players. Usually the best mp3 players have touchscreens or LCD displays with screen size ranging from 1.8 to even 4 inches. This means your music, videos, audiobooks, recorded podcasts, photos can be viewed with better clarity/resolution.

Brands such as Apple, Samsung, SanDisk and others have their own softwares that lets you organise the media files. While directory file structure is predominant in most of the mp3 players, some of them opt for the icon based menu interfaces. Customisation of the interface is expected from the customers when there is a lot of media files stored in them. It can be based on playlists, albums, groups, persons etc. Navigation to these options should require minimum amount of user clicks.

The current mp3 players are now more of a portable PC rather than just a music playing device. They are capable of performing any of the functions such as documentation work, emailing, web surfing, gaming, ebooks etc. Better Wifi, Bluetooth connection is required to overcome the loading time or time lag when using these applications. USB connections for either charging or transferring files, expansion slots for SD cards are some of the external interfaces which should be recognised by the mp3 player before they can be used. The recording interface for voice, video should be capable of storing the recorded item in the common formats such as mp3, avi, wma, wav, aac, mpeg4, etc.

When listening to music or watching a video on the mp3 players, the sound controls, picture settings should be available easily. Self explanatory buttons/icons with a clear design/text font without any cluttering of the display is what a good interface should be. Transferring of media files, installing any application should be clean, simple and easy.

The current mp3 players with the best interfaces are shown below which is rated by experts from around the web.

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