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Computers have wonderful capabilities, offering business-related assistance, storage for personal archives and records and a plethora of entertainment possibilities. The hard drive in your computer is the bank in which you store all of the data you've collected and all that you will collect. The problem is that its storage capacity is finite; sooner or later you will run out of room because all of the photos, videos, text and music files take up room. So when you need to purchase the best internal harddrive for your computer, it's wise to know what factors are important in your selection.

Capacity and Volume
The primary consideration in finding the best internal harddrive is its capacity-volume - how much it can hold. If you regularly store lots of photos, music files, play games, shoot videos or record anything on TV, you will need the largest harddrive you can afford. Anything from 1 TB (terabyte) and upward will handle such large graphic files, but 2 TB will allow you a little extra for run-over. If you use your computer for basic spreadsheets, writing, business files, basic photos and other text-related applications, you can get away with less storage capacity. Although harddrives come in very large 4TB capacities, keep in mind that older computers running on Windows XP might not recognize the space if the drive is larger than 2.19TB. In that case you will need a hardware bus adapter specifically designed to mate your operating system to your large harddrive.

Number of Drives
Large single harddrives are the most common component configuration, but two harddrives can offer some additional speed and value. Most importantly, a single harddrive used for programs and one used for all other data, can protect against a catastrophic crash or sudden power failure. You can also set up a harddrive in Raid configuration. This allows you to combine several smaller drives into one large drive. Raid offers additional performance and security, in addition to protection against data loss. Check your motherboard or system information to see if your computer can support Raid.

Harddrive speed is the amount of time data is served. A typical computer harddrive spins at about 7,200 rpm, which can also be used with the 4TB harddrives. You can get a much faster 10,000 rpm model, but you will need to decrease its capacity to 1TB and smaller. Green or energy-saving harddrives have the slowest spin rates, typically in the 5,400 range and use less power. The faster the speed, the more it will cost. Opt for the faster speed if you hate wait times when bringing up files or programs.

Interface is the method that connects the computer to the drive. The newest and most common is the Serial ATA (SATA), and it comes in 3Gbps, or the more current 6Gbps connection speeds. The 6Gbps runs at twice the speed, but requires a SATA III port on the computer. If your computer is an older model it might have a Parallel ATA port, and finding this type of drive is still possible. The Parallel ATA model is slower and wider than the Serial ATA, but less expensive.

Physical Form
The most common physical size for the best internal harddrive is the 3.5-inch size. These fit easily into the caddy trays in most computer cases. It only takes some guidance and a few screws. The newest hard drives now come in 2.5-inch sizes, but you will need special adapter brackets to fit these drives into an existing 3.5-inch tray. You must also make sure your computer case will support the brackets to begin with, so consider the physical form of your hard drive very carefully.

Samsung MZ-7PC512D/AM 512 GB SATA 3 Solid State Drive (SSD)


1. Samsung MZ-7PC512D/AM    $650

Kingston Now V200 (SV200S37A/64G) 64 GB SATA Solid State Drive (SSD)


2. Kingston Now V200 SV200S37A   

Seagate (STBD3000100) 3 TB SATA Hard Drive


3. Seagate STBD3000100    $103

Western Digital VelociRaptor WD6000HLHX 600 GB SATA II Hard Drive


4. Western Digital VelociRaptor WD6000HLHX   

Intel X25-M Gen2 160GB 2 5  Solid State Drive


5. Intel X25-M Gen2 160GB 2 5    $200

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