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Iriver, a Korean based company has been into manufacturing mp3 players since 2000. The range of mp3 players offered by them is comparable to the other leading brands such as Samsung, Cowon, Apple etc.

For people who are not fussy about how the player looks, Iriver mp3 players are just right, having a durable and practical design. Although the navigation control has a practical feel to it, it lacks the sophistication present in brands such as Apple iPod or Samsung or Creative. The screen size of the best Iriver mp3 players ranging from about 1.8 to 2 inches provides a decent viewing experience.

Iriver mp3 players have memory capacities ranging from 2GB to 20GB. USB support and expandable memory allow you to share, copy music/video/photos from your hard drive to the player.

Iriver mp3 players are mostly into audio but video recording and photo viewing are also thrown in for good measure - to compete with other brands. Most of the Iriver mp3 players support fm tuner with an automatic scanner. An average battery life of around 15 hrs makes it good for listening while on the go.

Competitively priced at $40 to $100 and above, the top selling Iriver mp3 players are for people who listen to music rather than using mp3 players as a video/gaming/networking device.

Check out the best Iriver mp3 players with practical & durable design shown below whose reviews are compiled and rated by experts from all over the world.

IRIVER S100 (8 GB) Digital Media Player


1. IRIVER S100   

iRiver 8GB L MP3 and Video Player White


2. iRiver L Player   

iRiver E30 4GB 1 8  MP3 Player MP3 Player


3. iRiver E30   

iriver T6 2 GB MP3 Player  White  MP3 Player


4. iriver T6    $60

iriver E150 8 GB MP3 Player Digital Media Player


5. iriver E150   

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