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Kodak withdrew itself from its DSLR business of late and now it only produces a wide range of compact digital cameras through a third party OEM manufacturers. Currently, JK Imaging manufactures compact cameras for Kodak under the Pixpro product line. Kodak now mainly has travel zoom compact camera offering with all the point and shoot features and specifications. The best Kodak compact digital cameras have been classified under three categories: Astro Zoom, Friendly Zoom and Active Cam. The Kodak Pixpro digital camera collection is touted to be intuitive, powerful and economical for photographers of the all levels.

Astro Zoom:
Astro Zoom digital cameras from Kodak are the advanced range of high powered zoom compact cameras with slightly bulkier and colorful bodies. The feature set of these cameras include camera resolution of up to 16 Megapixel with CCD or CMOS sensor, optical zoom range of up to 36x, 1080p Full HD video capturing capability and 3 inch LCD screen along with the support for 360-degree panoramic shooting, fast shutter speed, multi-burst continuous shooting and wide angle lenses.

Friendly Zoom:
Kodak's Friendly Zoom line of products are the compact and easy to use digital cameras having slim and pocketable designs which appeal to all the everyday and casual point and shoot photographers. Unlike some of the models under Astro Zoom classification which can shoot 1080p videos, these cameras can only capture 720p HD videos. But the best Friendly Zoom cameras offer you some good image resolutions of up to 16 Megapixels, along with the other features. These cameras sport 2.7 to 3 inch LCD screens and have the specifications: CCD sensors, 28mm wide lenses, panorama and an optical zoom range between 4x and 15x.

Active Cam:
The waterproof compact digital cameras from Kodak allow you capture 1080p Full HD videos and 14 Megapixel images in tough environments with the help of waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and freezeproof features. With an optical zoom range of over 3x, the best Kodak rugged compact cameras can be in water - 5 m below, can withstand freezing temperature of up to -10 degree, can withstand knocks when fallen from a height of 1.5 m. Some of the advanced and attractive features of these cameras include capturing slow motion videos at 120 fps in HD and 360-degree panoramic shooting capability.

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