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The brand Kodak is a household name in photography for over a century and have many innovations in imaging to their credit. The best cameras by Kodak are popular because of their user-friendly interfaces synonymous with the EasyShare range. They have brought many firsts to the market like the first 35mm color film, color filter array, first wifi enabled camera, and many more. They are one of the pioneers who made photography accessible and easy for the consumer.

They have an extended network of retail kiosks and home printing solutions in North America. In addition their EasyShare range of cameras offer streamlined integration with their printers, docking stations and online Kodak galleries etc making them a photo brand to reckon with. The best Kodak cameras are mainly the entry-level point and shoots which are great for beginners because of their ease of handling and operation and are affordable too. They also have a few fun zooms and superzooms in their portfolio. The Z- series have higher optical zooms going up to 26X and are targeted at the photo enthusiasts. The M-series is positioned as a sleek and stylish go-everywhere type of camera with some great features offering bang for the buck.

Since Kodak has stopped manufacturing of digital cameras in the early 2012, there is a least possibility that you would get the latest digital cameras from them.

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