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The best laptops for photographers is fine-tuned towards excellent configuration and display quality. For buying photography notebook computers, go through our recommended list of specifications.

With good speed for the diverse multi-tasking functions expected of it, your notebook needs a dual or quad core processor with a good 2GHz speed, at least 4GB of RAM expandable up to 8GB, and a large capacity HDD. A suitable operating system, Windows 7 or other, compatible to the various photography and videography software is a further requirement.

Another essential feature that the best laptop for a photographer requires is a decent graphics card of 512 MB dedicated memory, along with a sufficiently large 13 inch to 15 inch screen of 1366 x 768 resolution. The best notebook for a photographer implements good screen display and suitable hardware features including a DVD drive to fit a photographer's needs. The best laptops for photography should also support some of the powerful photo editing applications.

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Buying tips to find the Best Laptop For Photographers of 2014

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