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Classroom teaching has become a way more productive and interactive with the use of laptops. The best laptops for teachers have excellent portability, functionality and long battery life which assist them in keeping up with the class schedules throughout the day.

Teachers need reliable laptops configured with dual-core Intel Core processors having integrated graphics cards which are power efficient and can handle applications involving images, texts and video clips. The topmost laptops are shipped with at least 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD/500GB HDD.

A screen size of 13 inch to 15 inch is well suited for comfortable viewing when working for long hours. Besides, presence of a full-size keyboard can help in preparing class reports, quizzes and assignment sheets with ease. A user-friendly interface, preloaded software for presentations, spreadsheets and documents, anti-theft protection to safeguard confidential information and spill-resistant design are few other basic features of the best laptop for teachers.

While buying laptops for teachers, it is always to better to opt for the ones having good networking and connectivity features. At times, it may be necessary to connect projectors to the laptops when attending to large number of students in a seminar hall. Furthermore, smooth web browsing capabilities are must to update oneself with current events for certain subjects or to collect teaching material from the internet.

We suggest here the top rated Mac and Windows laptops for teachers which will help them impart technology-enhanced education to their students.

Buying tips to find the Best Laptop for Teachers of 2014

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