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Replacing the earlier version Windows 7, most laptop manufacturers have been recommending the latest Windows 8 operating system on their hardwares for small business, enterprise, student and consumer usages. The best Windows 8 laptops are able to provide the new interface of the operating system along with its fast, fluid and intuitive feaures.

Some of the products from our list of best Windows 8 laptops can be operated with touch along with the keyboard and mouse. One of the advantages of touch on Windows 8 app is the instant switching between the apps with a swipe gesture while multitasking. The touch gestures supported by Windows 8 are swipe, tap, click, and zoom.

Windows 8 notebooks have faster and instant booting capabilities when compared to the earlier windows version. Also, these notebooks arrive with an inbuilt antivirus software from Microsoft: Windows Defender

Windows 8 supports versatile hardware options from basic to advanced features. The Windows 8 support features include the built-in HD webcam and faster optical drive.

Other specifications include hard disk drive size of 10TB, 16GB of RAM, the advanced 3rd generation Intel Core i7 processor, discrete graphics cards like NVIDIA and AMD, and a screen resolution of at least 1366 x 768.

Windows introduces a new live-tiled interface on the Start screen with scope for various productive apps on this operating system. Windows 8 supports a number of apps and games downloadable from the inbuilt Windows Store client.

Windows 8 hosts various inbuilt useful apps like Music, Video and Camera to handle multimedia, the latest version of the Internet Explorer web browser, Mail, People, Messaging, Skype for connectivity and Xbox games providing the multi platform entertainment experience.

Unlike the previous version, Windows 8 offers deep integration with its own cloud service via the SkyDrive app with a 7 GB free space, allowing the files on your laptop to be accessible on multiple devices.

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Micromax Canvas Laptab LT666
Acer One
Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus
Dell XPS 12 (2013)
Micromax Canvas Laptab LT666
Acer One
Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus NP940X3G-K01US 13.3-Inch Touchscreen Laptop
Dell XPS 12 Haswell Processor (2013) Laptop
ASUS G750JX-DB71 17.3-Inch Laptop
Release Date
Jun 2015
May 2015
Aug 2013
Jul 2013
Jun 2013
Operating System
Windows 8.1 
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 8
Windows 8

  • - If you want a versatile, portable PC for general usage and light multitasking, the Canvas Laptab LT666 is a fantastic product.
    - The speakers were incredibly disappointing - sound was sometimes barely audible even at full volume, and music was hollow and lifeless.
    - The keys themselves are tiny but are stiff and have good depth.
    - The trackpad is actually quite comfortable and usable.
    - The base is far more interesting from a design perspective.

  • Acer's 14-inch Cloudbook offers decent Windows 10 performance, a good keyboard and chart-topping battery life, all starting at just $199.

  • - First of all, the Acer One is a very versatile product.
    - We aren't sure how many people value a touchscreen and detachable tablet design over basic performance, and we would much rather spend this amount of money on a vanilla laptop with a better screen and more productive hardware.
    - Viewing angles are absolutely atrocious - so bad in fact that if you're focusing on the centre of the screen, you won't be able to see accurate colours at the edges.

  • The Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus goes toe to toe with the best premium ultrabooks, then tops it off with a jaw-dropping high-resolution display.

  • In any case, the 940X3G has overall really earned a purchase recommendation, although potential buyers can choose among many, not less attractive alternatives. Another serious contender might be the soon to be released Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro that features an even better configuration for a similar price. Samsung should not rest on its laurels.

  • The ATIV Book 9 Plus keeps the slim and sleek chassis of its predecessor and adds a Retina-like display, long battery life and swift Haswell performance.

  • If you can get over the Dell XPS 12's screen acrobatics, this convertible ultrabook is a good way to get both tablet and laptop functionality in one unit.

  • Truly, there is not much to criticize about Dell's latest XPS 12. It is a top-tier piece of technology that excels in nearly every department, from its exquisite construction to its clever, versatile design. It maintains one of the best keyboards on any Ultrabook to date, coupled with a comfortable touchpad, accurate 10-point multi-touch screen, and a reasonable weight that - while still a bit heavy by tablet standards - communicates quality. And it's incredibly stylish, to boot.

  • With a fourth-generation Intel processor and a higher-capacity battery, Dell's updated XPS 12 is an excellent 12-inch tablet-laptop hybrid that can go the distance.

  • The ASUS G750JX is a powerful and striking Haswell gaming laptop that delivers impressive graphics performance for hundreds less than the competition.

  • Overall, the Asus is a superb gaming laptop. With the Blu-ray drive, it betters the Alienware 17 (its top competitor), but both seem expensive compared to other options on the market. A high-end gaming laptop may be a step too far for your wallet. But, if you can afford it, this is a superb buy.

  • The Asus G750 is the pinnacle of the company’s drive to produce mass-market gaming laptops with incredible power at an affordable price. There’s almost nothing wrong with this system, and the few downsides worth mentioning, like the matte display’s lack of visual depth, are balanced by other advantages. We could recommend this laptop even if its price was similar to the competition. But it’s not; instead, the price is lower. A similar Alienware M17x, for example, is $2,000, while Origin’s EON17 costs over $2,200 when configured with almost identical hardware.

Top 5 laptop with windows 8:

  1. Micromax Canvas Laptab LT666
  2. Acer One
  3. Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus NP940X3G-K01US 13.3-Inch Touchscreen Laptop
  4. Dell XPS 12 Haswell Processor (2013) Laptop
  5. ASUS G750JX-DB71 17.3-Inch Laptop