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Running heavy and intense applications has already moved from desktops to laptops quite a while ago.

Laptops either have an onboard graphics which comes along with the processor or have a discrete graphics card for a far better visual performance. Laptops having a motherboard with integrated graphics can be only sufficient for primary uses such as primarily for email, word processing or web surfing.

A mid-range card such as 1GB can be sufficient for most casual gaming and HD movie viewing. Whereas a discrete high-end graphic card (over 2GB) is needed for people who are gaming enthusiasts and who do lots of 3D graphic work.

A discrete graphic card from either NVIDIA or AMD can be recommended. And the the processor: Intel Core i5 and above should be good.

The best laptops with 1GB graphics card can be mid-size or a thin and lightweight laptop supporting portability and ease of use

The below listed are some of the top-rated laptops with discrete graphic cards from brands such as HP, Samsung, Asus and Toshiba.

Buying tips to find the Best Laptops with 1 GB Graphics Card of 2014

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