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When buying a large capacity washer, you need to consider different factors such as your family's laundry needs, space available for storing the washing machine, your budget, whether you are buying the machine for commercial use or family use.

The regular washing machines have a loading capacity of 3 - 4 cu.ft which is sufficient for a family of 3-4 members. The large capacity washing machines have a range of 4 - 4.5 cu.ft. The extra large capacity washing machines are those whose capacity is above 4.5 cu.ft.

In washing machines with regular capacity the washing process take more time as number of wash cycles is more, depending on the type of laundry you have loaded. This in turn results in an increase in water, electricity usage. But with large capacity washing machines, you can wash all your laundry at one go. So the total amount of water, energy used for your entire laundry is less as the number of wash/spin/dry cycles is reduced. This higher efficiency in turn translates into saving on your monthly bills. The high efficiency washing machines with larger capacity typically have energy star ratings of 3 star or higher.

The same features found in regular capacity washing machines are available for use in the larger capacity machines such as temperature and water control, automatic detergent/fabric dispenser, dry sensors, steam washing, delay start, level of soil or stain selection etc. The only difference is that larger laundry can be completed in fewer wash cycles and thus saving on time.

As the laundry load increases, washing machines produce more noise and vibration due to the rotation action of the drum. To overcome this problem the large capacity washers are designed to be bulky and sturdy. Antivibration design along the side panel of the machines together with extra insulation and padding helps in reducing noise and vibration. Manufacturers also use specially designed motors which have less mechanical parts for operation all of which contributes to noise reduction.

Compared to regular capacity washing machines the price of large capacity washers is costly. If you have larger laundry such as blankets, comforters etc which you wash regularly then opt for larger capacity washing machines. But if you need to do larger laundry only occasionally, then its better to opt for regular capacity washing machines which are priced less.

Extra large capacity commercial washers are commonly found in the laundromats. Typically the commercial washers have a capacity of above 4.5 cu.ft. These washers are sturdy, energy efficient as less water and energy is needed for completing the washing process. These machines are also stackable so overcome the space constraints.

The large capacity washing machines available in the market are listed below based on the ratings given by reviewers.

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