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Flat screen TVs today have transcended the boundaries of conventional television displays and are out in ridiculous sizes for the sultanates of this age. A few years ago, Panasonic dumbfounded the world with a 150-inch 4K plasma TV that daunted even 1080p! This year Porsche dropped on us a 200-inch LED behemoth, a daze we're still recovering from. But lets get real. These aren't TVs for our homes, they're for king-sized gardens. So what we show you here are not the largest TVs exactly, but the largest practical displays of 70 inches to 90 inches that enthusiasts like yourself would actually consider buying. Given below is a little guide about the options you'll see out there.

Firstly, the high resolution 1080p content that you're waiting to watch on your large TV requires 16 feet distance to really savor it. These TVs will upscale anything below 1080p but study has it that SD resolution content is going to look worse on an 80 incher than on a 50-inch screen because artifacts get blown up bigger.

Secondly, at this screen size you can pick either a plasma or LED both of which have their ups and downs which you can read all about in our best HDTV buying guide. Tersely put, plasma TVs consume much more energy than LEDs which are said to be the most energy efficient today. And with a 70-inch or bigger plasma TV your electricity bills might shoot up more than you expect. Plasma TVs also tend to reflect a lot of ambient light in well lit rooms and are best in a darker place. The downside of an LED TV is its comparatively lower contrast ratios and refresh rate (120 - 240 Hz, while plasma has 600 Hz). So the bottom line is, if you are particular about the most perfect looking action picture and sports, and don't mind higher power bills, a large plasma TV is the way to go.

While Panasonic outruns other brands by quite a margin when it comes to large plasma TVs, the large screen LED TV market is led by Samsung, Vizio and Sony.

Moreover, the largest TVs of 2013 are essentially an elite set of TVs almost all of them are 3D-ready or come included with glasses and display excellent 2D and upconverted 3D content as well as 3D. Coming to SmartTV features, the best largest TVs are sure to offer you a full web browser and an in-built wi-fi along with a host of applications. Then, there's all kinds of interactivity stuff you can play around with, from fancy remotes to touch interfaces, depending on the brand and price of the TV.

Incidentally, all the best HDTVs come with good HDMI support as well as other connectivity ports from USB to component and PC interface. It might be a good idea to have a look at what file formats the TV supports, just to avoid a hassle later. Look for reliable brands, necessary features and shop smart!

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