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Based on the back-lighting technology used, flat panel TV's are categorized into three types: LCD (liquid crystal) TV, LED (light-emitting diode) TV and Plasma TV. Generally, most of the LCD TV's support HD format and are advertised as HDTV's. LCD TV's use a technology involving cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs), which makes them cheaper but comparatively less slim and power efficient.

The majority of the LCD HDTV displays range between 30" and 65" with a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9. You could select the best LCD HDTV display size by taking into consideration the type of room you are placing your TV in. These TV's can be mounted on a table or a wall. The screen resolution of a typical LCD TV in full HD is 1280 x 720, i.e., 720p or sometimes it could also be 1920x1080, i.e., 1080i/1080p. One of the advantages of LCD TV's is that they produce brighter images than Plasma's and so, are well suited for use in brighter rooms. While displaying fast moving images, an LCD TV may cause a blurred vision. To prevent this, go for a TV with a higher response time of atleast 6 ms and up to 12 ms. Also, the recommended viewing angle is atleast 160 degrees.

The best LCD HDTV's are available at prices which can be suitable for home users, movie buffs, gamers; and PC and office users.

Note: TV's using CCFL LCD and LED LCD display technologies are usually dubbed as LCD's and LED's respectively - CCFL and LED being the basic LCD technologies.

Buying tips to find the Best LCD HDTV of 2014

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