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LCD HDTV is an older technology, comes in sizes from 19 inches to 65 inches, is the cheapest of the lot, but also has relatively low picture quality.

Traditional LCD (or just LCD) uses Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light (CCFL) to backlit the liquid crystal display. The new generation LCD's are based on an LED (Light Emitting Diode) backlit technology and are also known as LED-LCD HDTV or more simply LED HDTV. The latest LED HDTVs vastly outperform the traditional LCD HDTVs on almost all parameters including darkness/brightness levels, energy efficiency and screen sizes. LED HDTVs are however a lot more expensive than traditional LCD HDTVs.

LCD HDTVs also lose out in the image quality, and screen thickness as compared to Plasma HDTVs, though Plasma HDTVs are considerably more power hungry than LCD HDTVs.

Traditional LCD HDTVs lose out on most of the parameters as compared to Plasma and LED, so the only reason to choose LCD is if you are looking for a budget option and don't want to spend as much.

The best LCD HDTV options come in the sub-$400 and sub-$600 bracket and from companies like LG, Samsung and Sharp.

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