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This selection of the best LED monitors is narrowed down to the top rated monitors which use LED backlighting.
An LED monitor is actually an LCD screen monitor which uses Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to light up the LCD screen from behind. LED backlighting technology is the latest advancement to the traditional LCD monitors which use Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps(CCFL) to light up the display panel. Since LEDs have a longer lifespan when compared to the lamps, an LED monitor too lasts longer than an LCD one. The other benefits of an LED over a CCFL is, much less power consumption, better contrast ratios, wide viewing angles and overall better picture quality.

LED monitors today also come with TFT Active matrix LCD screens in which Thin Film Transistors are used inside the LCD screen to control each pixel. Unlike the earlier monitors, this TFT provides better scope for controlling individual pixels, resulting in brighter screens with better contrasts and more vibrant images.

Most monitor manufacturers these days have switched over to LED technology to churn out some of the best monitors in the market today.

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