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The best LED projectors are those who like to have a long lasting lamp life and are different from DLP and LCD projectors. LED projectors use a different light source other than the traditional options used in DLPs and LCDs.

The modern light source in LED projectors accounts for much extended lamp life.

DLP and LCD projectors are named based on their display technologies and have specific sets of mechanism to create the projection of a picture. LED projectors are a different kind of projectors which just have a different and efficient light source.

LED projectors use either one of these projection technologies: DLP or the LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon), a hybrid between LCD and DLP.

LED projectors are perfectly suitable for home theater projections and other applications.

The best LED projectors offer longer lamp life and it means that less expense is involved in maintaining the projector. Lamp life is expressed in hours, represents the number of hours before the lamp is at half its original brightness.

Since LED projectors propose a different projector lamp option, they boast operating times in the tens of thousands of hours. And in fact a powerful LED light source means there are no lamps to replace.

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