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LED HDTVs, or more specifically LED backlit LCD HDTV's, are the next generation of traditional LCD HDTV's. The difference lies in the fact that flat panel LED HDTV's use a Light Emitting Diode to back lit the liquid crystal display whereas traditional LCD's use a Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lights (CCFL). LED TVs are available in two kinds today: Direct-lit (Rear-lit) and Edge-lit, which you can find out more about on our best LED HDTVs page

The newer LED backlit technology translates into huge gains as far as the picture quality is concerned, with the best LED HDTV's outperforming both LCD and Plasma based HDTV's in both darkness and brightness levels. Some Plasma HDTV's though offer comparable darkness levels as the best LED based HDTV's.

The best LED HDTVs of 2013 also come in some of the thinnest screen profiles and so/to lend themselves beautifully to most home display areas. Additionally, LED HDTV's outperform Plasma based HDTV's in terms of power consumption with the best LED HDTV's exhibiting two to three times less power consumption than comparable Plasma TVs.

All these performance improvements though come at a cost - LED HDTV's are the most expensive of the lot and are great buys only at mid-range to expensive budgets. Yet they still fill the spots on the top ten TVs of 2013!

Sharp and Vizio and Sony are by far the best brands as far as LED HDTV's are concerned and have great options at the sub-$1500 price bracket. Both brands are also highly rated by the top LED TV reviews of 2013 and have great LED HDTV options suited for Gaming and Movies at 40 inch, 50 inch and 60 inch screen sizes.

Our list below shows you the top reviewers' recommendations for the best LED TVs of 2013 along with specs and buying opions.

Buying tips to find the Best LED TV of 2014

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