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LG brings us some of the finest LCD HD televisions, offering the best picture quality that LCD panels can display, and are manufactured in typically 4 sizes: 32", 37", 42" and 47". While the majority of their LCD HDTVs have 1080p resolution displays, there still are a few LCD 720p models available from LG . Experts claim that it's pretty hard to discern the difference between 720p and 1080p picture quality in screens smaller than 50 inches, so your 720p television would be just as good as one with 1080p.

The latest LCD HDTVs from LG have diversified to incorporate even 3D and other kinds of technology that make these sets all the more attractive. Since LG specifically advocate passive 3D technology over active 3D, their 3D televisions come with passive 3D polarized glasses which are a lot cheaper in comparison and are known to be flicker-free. Most of LG's LCD TVs implement TruMotion, a proprietary technology that gives your telly a 120Hz boost to obviate motion blur during fast paced movies and sports scenes.

Nevertheless, there is a downside to owning an LCD TV which you should be aware of before you take the next step. To know more, check out our Best LCD TVs page. And if you're still convinced that an LCDs HDTV is the best option for you, scroll down our listing for the best LG LCD HDTVs to pick your perfect set

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