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LG electronics has come out with several great television sets over the past few years and their LCD TVs are far from disappointing with their high definition displays.

LCD TVs use Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps to back-light their TVs, and since these lamps tend to be bulkier than LEDs, LCD TVs are going to be a tad thicker than LED TVs. Nonetheless, they make great viewing experience and come with price tags lower than $900.

Spanning a broad section of screen sizes, you could find your LG LCD TV in just 32" or as large as 42". What's more, these are are also available in some of the latest resolutions like Full HD, with high contrast ratios to provide vibrant picture quality. You want to look for a refresh rate of 120Hz though to avoid any motion blur while watching movies.

If you skim through our listing of LG LCD TVs, you'll find some of them are Wi-Fi ready. Now, this is another advantage that the latest TV sets offer, enabling you to access specific apps on the internet to download movies from sites like Netflix. With movies being pretty much what a television is all about, the best LG LCD TVs are Wi-Fi ready and worth shelling out for.

Buying tips to find the Best LG LCD TV of 2014

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