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LG is one of the most eminent consumer electronics manufacturers of this century, so their television sets generally weigh up to expectation, and they host some of the best LED TVs in the market. Before you head off to purchase one however, you need to be aware of the three broad options you will have to choose from: 3D TV, SmartTV or just an HDTV?

A 3D TV is the thing for you if you intend to use your TV for 3D gaming and be ready for when 3D movies become prevalent. At the moment 3D movies are still quite rare, but 3D TVs display great 2D content too.

Once you figure this out, decide what resolution you'd like to have. LG High Definition TV resolutions begin from 720p and go higher. Typically in screen sizes less than 50" the boost in picture quality from 720p to something higher is hardly discernible, so a 720p/768p resolution would get you that vibrant picture quality for a relatively lower price.

Speaking of resolution takes us to the next important factor that affects viewing experience, which happens to be the screen size of your tv, something that's entirely dependent on the size and seating arrangement of your TV room. Expert opinions typically recommend a viewing distance of 2.5 times the screen size, so you do the math.

In addition to the above mentioned factors however, the caliber of a good LG LED TV is also contingent on the contrast ratio and refresh rate. Put tersely, contrast ratios of 4,000,000:1 or more and a refresh rate of 120Hz or higher provides for vibrant video and lack of motion blur respectively and are worth looking out for.

Below is the Reviewgist list of the best LG LED TVs derived based on the top rated LG LED TVs on the market. You'll find a gamut of models that include a range of A/V input ports and implement the best audio technology to complement the dynamism of your high definition video.

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