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LG house some of the best Plasma TVs today with screens going from 42" to 60" on Full HD resolutions. LG take care to see that you don't miss out on picture quality while watching that 1080p or 720p content on your wide screens. They've introduced TruBlack in their Plasma TVs, a proprietary feature that enhances the already rich contrasts of a plasma display to highlight the intricacies of an image like never before.

A major downside to owning a plasma screen is that it's made of glass and is by default, highly reflective; and therefore, in brightly lit rooms, it's quite common to experience loss in picture clarity due to reflected ambient light. So unless you intend to place your Plasma set in a dimly lit setting, you should opt for a TV with an anti-reflective material which serves to counter this drawback to a certain extent. LG has come out with the only Plasma TV that cases a matte screen however, the model is probably the only one of its kind.

While LG Plasma TVs of 2013 are known for their faster image processing, the 600Hz Sub Field Drive is what eliminates motion blur, allowing you to enjoy fast paced action movies and sports with smoother contours during image transition and sharper details.

While they typically endorse Passive 3D, LG does not lag behind when it comes to 3D Plasma sets. Inspite of cold-shouldering Active 3D technology so vehemently, LG has come out with a few splendid Plasma 3D-Ready TVs with Active 3D shutter glasses sold separately. These models are also among their range of SmartTVs and host a gamut of interactive features like a certified full web browser, in-built Wi-Fi and access to several applications to allow you to stream movies and videos. Our listing of the best LG Plasma Tvs represents a consensus of expert reviews, to help you make a decisive choice.

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