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Lighter handheld devices are always better for a great portability and usage comfort. Earlier bigger cellphones were heavier but this isnâ??t entirely true today.

There are a lot more number lightweight, basic cellphones which fit in the pockets and it is pretty easy to choose the lighter cellphones having basic features.

While smartphones running the operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone weigh less but at the cost of paying fairly a bit more for the users.

Our listing of best lightweight cellphones have devices weighing less than 4 oz and screens with bigger screens are recommended for better usability. Cellphones with plastic bodies can be obviously lighter but you could now get lightweight cellphones with metal bodies with rich look, especially from those of the aluminium type.

Many of the best lightweight cellphones can be afforded under the $300 price range from the brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Motorola and LG from almost all the carriers in the US. Although many of the light weight cellphones with candybar form factor, there are a respectable number of touchscreen cellphones (including the smart ones) too.

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