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A good media mp3 player should support all the basic media file formats such as mp3, wma (audio); avi, wmv, Xvid (video); and jpeg, png (digital photos). The best media player should also play files in other formats such as aac ,mpeg4 etc .

Listening to music:
With new technology & advancements, the top media Mp3 players can store all your music files, audio books at one place. Depending on whether you are a free/subscription based/pay and user, some internet sites allow you to download audio files.

To prevent piracy and protect the integrity of the audio files of different formats such as MP3, wma, wav, MIDI, AAC etc, the mp3 players which supports all types of media, plays only the formats which are supported by it. As a free user you are allowed to use these audio files for unlimited number of times. As a pay and use member, you pay once for the music files and use it any number of times. As a subscribed user, the media mp3 player will play the audio files only up to the subscription date.

Watching videos:
Most of the prime media MP3 Players are also used as video players. You can download, copy, view and share video files from your friends or internet. All this is possible only if your mp3 player for media supports the widely used [normal] video formats such as the MPEG-4, MPEG-2, avi, mov etc.

Viewing pictures:
You can take pictures, download from internet, view and share these images using the current MP3 players for media. Along with photo viewing, it is also possible to edit the photos of the different formats such as jpeg, png and, bmp.

Even though there a lot of media playing applications, the most popular ones are listed below:

Winamp: A free and widely used audio and video player that supports many media formats. It includes CD ripping and burning, playlist generation etc. The full version is free to download and use.

VLC: Counted as one of the leading free, open source , easy to use media players which can play most of the formats easily.

Realplayer: A cross platform media player which supports almost all the formats presently used by the best media mp3 players for the audio/video/photos files.

If you buy a Apple iPod series media mp3 player, then the built in Quicktime Media Player will be used to play videos in MP4/MOV formats. Some of the free media player apps which can play videos of other formats on your iPods are iMedia Player, Playable, OPlayer Lite. All these media players have features such as easy-to-use interface with good file explorer, easy file transfer using USB sync , WiFi etc.

The best media mp3 players which plays all you music, video files, view pictures which are present in various formats such as mpeg-4, mov, avi, mp3, aac, jpeg, png etc are listed below based on the ratings and reviews given by experts.

Apple 32 GB iPod Touch Silver Digital Media Player


1. Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen.    $203 - $300

Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation 8 GB MP3 Player


2. Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation   

Apple 32 GB White iPod Touch Digital Media Player


3. Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen. White    $225

IRIVER S100 (8 GB) Digital Media Player


4. IRIVER S100   

Sony NWZ-E464 (8 GB) MP3 Player


5. Sony Walkman NWZ-E    $175

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