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We looked at the top Mitsubishi projectors released over the last year to bring you our list of the best Mitsubishi 3D projectors all of which are highly rated by the top reviewers from around the web. 3D projectors are also generally high definition with 1080p resolution.

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Mitsubishi HC7800D

Mitsubishi HC7800D 3D Projector



Mitsubishi HC7800D 3D
Mitsubishi HC9000D
Mitsubishi HC7800D 3D Projector
Mitsubishi HC9000D Projector
Release Date
Nov 2011
Jul 2011
DLP Projectors, 3D
Contrast Ratio
Display Technology
Image Brightness
1500.0 ANSI lumens
1100.0 ANSI lumens
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    The bottom line is, especially with 3D capabilities, the overall brightness does eliminate a lot of folks who otherwise might love this little Mitsubishi projector to death. Lastly, don't forget, the HC7800D comes with a 3 year parts and labor warranty. In the grand scheme of things, that's one of the longer and better warranties out there. Nothing like a little piece of mind!

  • In some respects, the HC7800D is a more intriguing 3D option than Mitsubishi's previous HC9000D. It's less expensive, it has a higher brightness rating (which is important for 3D), and it includes the 3D emitter in the package. This projector can't quite compete with similarly priced LCD models in the spec department, but it should give DLP fans a reason to be excited, as it strikes an excellent balance between price and features in the DLP realm.

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    If the budget fits and you are into 3D, the Mitsubishi HC9000D will make an excellent overall choice. I believe in two to three more years, today's 3D projector owners will be wanting the improvements yet to come and will be ready to upgrade. If that sounds reasonable to you, start looking for an installing dealer. This one is easy to live with. So, if you aren't an enthusiast, but just want an easy to own, easy to run, great picture, minimum fuss projector, (with some 3D too), this baby's probably right for you.

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    Mitsubishi's HC9000D has all of the hallmarks of a great home theater projector: high contrast, impeccable color, and the versatility to adapt to almost any theater environment and thrive there. The fact that it is a 3D projector just adds to the allure. The HC9000D is as future-proof as projectors are likely to get in the near future, and is capable of doing justice to any and all content you want to watch. We are pleased to give it our highest recommendation.

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    The field of 3D projectors has gotten a lot more crowded since Mitsubishi first introduced the HC9000D, and this projector faces some stiff competition from lower-priced models from JVC, Sony, Optoma, Epson, Panasonic, and Mitsubishi itself. The JVC DLA-X3 immediately comes to mind as a similarly featured D-ILA projector that comes in at a lower price point. That being said, the performance reviews I've seen for HC9000D have been quite positive, so it may be worth a demo if you want a strong 2D theater projector that also supports 3D.

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