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Computer monitors have advanced a great deal since the earlier CRT sets we used to have, and given the plethora of choices we have, it's quite hard to make a decision. Nevertheless there are a few key factors you should be aware of before purchasing.

Although monitor resolution has now gone from standard definition to high definition, many of today's monitors come with a max resolution of 720p, while a few go as high as 4K. In the current scenario a 1080p is the best practical resolution to get.

Next, if your budget allows you a choice between an LED backlit LCD panel and a traditional CCFL backlighting, pick the LED. You get better picture quality as well as better energy savings in the long run.

Speaking of panel, manufacturers have begun to innovate the technology used in their panels their LED and LCD monitors for various purposes, from better contrasts and refresh rates, to wider viewing angles. A couple of the most popular panel types are TN panels and IPS panels. TN panels are great for gaming, sporting response times of 2ms or less. IPS panels on the other hand have higher response time of 6ms which is the fastest they go. IPS panels are ideal for designers because they features superior contrast ratios and consequently better picture detail; along with wide viewing angles. The choice of panel ultimately depend on what use your computer monitor will be put to.

Another important consideration is what kind of connectivity your PC monitor gives you. The latest monitors use HDMI (High definition Multimedia Interface) ports and HDMI cables for connectivity since they support and carry high definition signals to display accurate HD content. However if your CPU doesn't support HDMI, you might have to looks for other more fitting options. The best monitors for computers are not only integrated with HDMI but also include other options like VGA, DVI, DisplayPort etc.

Lastly, having a matte screen for your computer monitor might be very convenient since they are great for all lighting conditions and suffer no glare from ambient light. Scroll down to check out our list of the most recommended computer monitors for specs and buying options.

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