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Contemporary monitors using LCD screens are pretty easy on the eyes, unlike the earlier CRT monitors. So if you want a monitor that's easy on your eyes, discard that CRT and get yourself an LCD or LED model.

Reviewgist only shows you LCD and LED monitors and among these, it's best to look for one that has an anti-glare (matte) screen. A matte screen reflects less light back to your eyes and consequently causes less strain on them. Additionally, it also serves to have a brighter screen, since a dull displays too tends to hurt the eyes.

For the best monitors catering to eyesight, we've limited our selection to the top rated monitors which have a brightness value of 200 cd/m2, where cd/m2 is a unit for the light measurement of a display device and is the maximum light output your monitor can give.

Buying tips to find the Best Monitor For Eyesight of 2014

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