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LCD or Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display screens, are the current trend of monitors for personal computing, compelling CRTs to become obsolete. TFT LCD monitors for PC's find dominant usage in offices, homes, and various other business organizations by individuals. The best monitor is essential for the optimum visual experience in playing games, watching movies, web browsing and usage of various other software applications on a PC. With an integrated TV tuner support, contemporary monitors allow you to enjoy various favorite TV programs, and some of the best PC monitors 2013 even support viewing visuals in full stereoscopic 3D.

To choose the display size of your monitor, it's best to first decide what you intend to use your monitor screen for. Since you wouldn't be likely to change your monitor often, the right features should take priority over cost saving. Furthermore, whatever the purpose of your monitor, an LCD screen with full HD resolution is a pretty common feature and a must have. Moreover, HDMI and DisplayPort input ports have versatile adaptability for connectivity, and are well known especially for viewing high-definition content.

By and large, the desired performance of the monitor you purchase can be judged on parameters such as display size (diagonal), resolution, aspect ratio, contrast ratio, viewing angle, brightness, response time and power consumption.

Screen size:
For gaming, watching movies and TV, widescreen displays are recommended and 24 inch screen size with 1920x1080 resolution is sufficient. If you need a multifunction monitor, you could opt for 28-inch displays which allow you to watch them from farther away.

Aspect ratio:
Widescreen displays with aspect ratio 16:9 (sometimes 16:10) are the most widely used format leaving the standard screen displays with aspect ratio 4:3 far behind.

Contrast ratio:
The static contrast ratio, which measures the screen's efficiency to display darkest and brightest colors at any given point of time, would be great if it is at least 1000:1.

Based on these aspects, choose a best monitor for PC considering the authorized reviews from our best product listing.

NEC MultiSync EA294WMi IPS LED Monitor


1. NEC MultiSync EA294WMi    $291

NEC MultiSync PA242W-BK Desktop Monitor


2. NEC MultiSync PA242W    $1,030

Acer B296CL LED LCD Monitor


3. Acer B296CL   

Samsung Series 9 S27B971D Monitor


4. Samsung Series 9 S27B971D   

Asus PA249Q LCD Monitor


5. Asus PA249Q    $472

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