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Garmin sport a range of motorcycle GPS units which are either handle or wrist mounts, and while many of these come with pretty cool features, we recommend the fixed type over the others. They're more securely placed on your bike and are right under your eyes when you need to have a look. Whichever of these four categories you pick though, it is important that the display be transflective to allow easy readability in all light conditions, since bikers typically could need their GPS under direct sunlight as well as during night riding.

In addition Garmin really supports a biker's passion for road trips by offering 16 to 20 hours of battery life, rugged framework and waterproofing to an IPx7 standard, which means the device can withstand being completely immersed in water for about 30 minutes without any malfunction.

Besides the right framework there are a few other aspects that make some of these devices a cut above the rest. For instance, Garmin's mapping capabilities are often superior to others since Garmin is known to have extensive map coverage. So, in case your GPS doesn't come pre-loaded with detailed maps of the regions you traverse, you could always buy them from their website, or from a third party vendor. The best Garmin motorcycle GPS also includes around 4000 waypoints, a built-in compass and a PC interface for any extra information you wish to load.

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