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The best MP3 Player for Audiobooks provide a perfect solution for productive reading of various subjects. We have listed out some of the necessary things for you to consider while buying an mp3 player for audiobooks.

Sound clarity:
Always look for an MP3 player with good sound clarity when using it for audiobooks where spoken audio sounds different from the music. Inferior sound clarity might make your MP3 player choice a waste of money even if you have audio files with compatible formats or good battery life. It is always good if you play a sample audiobook file to check for sound clarity and buy covered headphones for better hearing experience.The best mp3 players for audiobooks with sound clarity are the top end models.

Compatible formats and file availability:
The desirable type of MP3 Players for audiobooks should support audio files in MP3, WMA, AAC and, ATRAC formats. You can download, purchase or rent the audiobooks online from sources like Apple App Store, Amazon and other paid sites or else from free services such as NetLibrary and OverDrive. Some audiobooks are encrypted to protect their contents and prevent piracy. Before downloading audiobook from any of the internet sites, you can listen to sample clips which supports playback in your mp3 players for audiobooks.

Storage Capacity:
The size of a complete recording of an audiobook file is often large. The most effective audiobook mp3 players should have atleast 5 GB capacity for storing all the audiobooks and other personal files. Some of the mp3 players with lesser memory capacity of 3 to 4 GB offer expandable memory with memory cards for storing your audiobook files.

Battery life:
For continuous, uninterrupted hearing of the audiobook recordings, the mp3 Players which support audiobooks must have a good battery life of more than 15 hrs of battery life.

Bookmarks and navigation:
An audiobook cannot always be listened at one stretch. A particular chapter/paragraph needs to be bookmarked in the audio file to come back there later. Bookmarking is a necessary feature in all the MP3 Players which support audiobooks. Usually the mp3 players point to the beginning of the chapter instead of that particular bookmarked paragraph which is better than having it point to the first page of the audiobook. Even if these mp3 players is shut down accidentally or powered off, they should retain all the bookmarks previously set and play from that point.

The most effective audiobook MP3 players should offer good audiobook controls such as start/stop/pause/rewind or fast forward. Typically the rewind or fast forward action takes you to the previous or next chapter respectively. You should be able to search and navigate based on chapters or authors or playlists in your mp3 player for audiobooks.

Price factor:
If you are using your mp3 player mostly for listening to audiobooks then there are many models available in the price range of $30 to $70. But the sound clarity may varying accordingly with the most selling mp3 players for audiobooks being the top end models.

The best mp3 players for audiobooks are from Apple and Samsung but SanDisk and Sony are also the competitors in the low price range. Check out the models shown below for selecting the top rated MP3 Players which has audiobooks feature.

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Apple iPod touch 5th Gen.

Apple iPod touch 64GB Black (5th Generation) NEWEST MODEL






Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen.
Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen. White
Samsung Galaxy Player
Creative ZEN X-Fi
SanDisk Clip Zip
Apple iPod touch 64GB Black (5th Generation) NEWEST MODEL
Apple 32 GB White iPod Touch Digital Media Player
Samsung Galaxy Player 5 inch (8 GB) Digital Media Player
Creative ZEN X-Fi 8GB MP3 Player
SanDisk Clip Zip (4 GB) MP3 Player
Release Date
Oct 2012
Oct 2011
Sep 2011
Aug 2008
Jul 2011
Additional Features
Speaker, Rhapsody Service, FM Stereo Tuner, Bookmarks, Touch Screen, Nike + iPod support, Voice Control, Voice Memos, Phone book, Calendar, YouTube streaming, Calculator, Apple AirPlay support, Accelerometer, Three-axis gyro sensor, FaceTime, Two built-in digital cameras, Game Center, iCloud support, Multi-touch interface, Web browsing, VoiceOver, Notes,
Touch Screen, Rhapsody Service, Games, Built-In Digital Camera, Video Recorder, Accelerometer, Bookmarks, Speaker
Rhapsody Service, Speaker, Touch Screen, Bookmarks, FM Stereo Tuner, GPS, Multi Touch Zoom In and Out, Multi Tasking
FM Tuner,Voice Recorder,Equalizer Controls,Bookmarks
FM Tuner, Bookmarks
Main Storage Type
Built-in Memory
Built-in Memory
Built-in Memory
Built-in Memory
Built-in Memory
Storage Capacity
64.0 GB
32.0 GB
8.0 GB
8.0 GB
4.0 GB
Expansion Slots
Internal Flash Drive
Without Expansion Slots
SD Memory Card
Family Line
iPod touch
iPod touch
Samsung Galaxy
Sandisk Sansa Clip
Number of Songs
Music, Recording, Video, Photo Viewing, Gaming / Apps, Photo Capture
Music, Video, Recording, Photo Viewing, Gaming / Apps, Internet
Music, Video, Photo Viewing, Gaming / Apps, Internet
Music, Video, Recording, Photo Viewing

Excellent set of features: better front and back cameras

lightest iPod touch

Offers most of the capabilities of Samsung's popular Android smartphones

Audio battery life is dismal..

  • Rating Unavailable

Plays most audio formats