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Playing games while listening to music on the mp3 players has become a sure way of passing your time. It has become a standard feature in the current crop of the top rated mp3 players. The increase in various games available online has made it easier to share/download them using the Wifi or bluetooth connectivity. With a plethora of apps related to games to choose from, the mp3 players has become an portable game arcade.

Having a large screen size of 2 inches and above with touch screen feature makes it convenient to have good game controls while playing. The display resolution is good which highlights the game graphics in detail. The sound settings can be controlled by the various equalizer settings such as bass, treble etc present in these top rated mp3 players. Playing games on the mp3 player is an battery sapping activity. Minimum of 20 hrs with rechargeable batteries or charging via USB cable should be kept in mind when buying.

Leading the race for the top rated mp3 players for games is Apple followed by Samsung. Take a look at the products listed below before buying the best mp3 players for games.

Buying tips to find the Best MP3 Player with Games of 2014 - 2015

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