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To listen to the entire collection of music/video files, audiobooks, podcasts recordings in your spare time without bothering about extra microSD cards or external hard drives is a cramped experience. The best MP3 players with high storage capacity of over 160 GB are the reality now.

Manage your media files
The navigation, selection and playing of your audio or video files should be managed easily as the huge music or video library is available at one place. The best mp3 player with high capacity storage uses the various media players applications such as WMP, VLC, Winamp, Real Player etc to manage this process.

With over 1000 songs at one place, these media players organise the files based on singers/albums/playlists. Being easy to organize according to your tastes, the high storage capacity mp3 players makes use of these popular media players. But for some mp3 players such as the Apple iPods series, you need their proprietary iTunes media player to manage the huge collection of music/video files present in your mp3 player with high storage.

Design & Features:
Over 160 GB of memory capacity means these big storage capacity mp3 players can act as an external hard drive. There is no longer any worry of losing your pen drives or SD cards used for storing information.

Your huge collection can have files with different formats such as wma, mp3, mpeg-4 mov, aac, etc. To ensure that these mp3 player offering high capacity storage supports different playing formats you need to check the manufacturer details. To play all these different format audio, video files you also require a battery which can play atleast 15 hrs of audio or 8 hrs of video.

The top rated high storage MP3 Players are big compared to lower storage capacity models. So these players are less portable and less suitable for sports activities such as running/gymming etc.

IPod Classic from Apple is the most prominent in this segment, but other models from Cowon, Archos are also available. The best MP3 Players with high storage capacity over 160GB are listed below based on the ratings given by experts.

Seagate FreeAgent Theater  500 GB  Digital Media Player



Apple iPod Classic 160GB Black MP3 Player


2. Apple iPod Classic Sixth Generation    $424 - $650

Archos 5 250GB Portable Media Player


3. Archos 5   

Archos 7 320GB MP3 Player


4. Archos 7   

Archos 705 WiFi (160 GB) MP3 Player


5. Archos 705 Wifi   

Buying tips to find the Best MP3 Player with High Storage of 2015

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