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The saying a picture is worth a thousand words is apt when buying the best mp3 players for pictures. Screen size of atleast 2 inch with OLED/LCD display to make even off angle picture viewing comfortable. The top brands such as Cowan, Samsung, or Apple should be considered while opting to buy these picture viewing mp3 players. These players must display pictures of all formats such as jpeg, png, bmp, gif easily. Slideshows, photo editing are some features which are available in the top end mp3 players.

Some of the top mp3 players from Apple offer onboard camera to take pictures. Although the camera feature is not the best in these players, it will suffice compared to other proper camera devices. Storing of these pictures is handled by the built-in internal memory or the external SD cards. USB connectivity provides easy access to transfer photos between PC and player. With good network connection you can even share the photos online. The battery capacity should be capable of supporting extended photo viewing. Normally average battery life is around 15-20 hrs.

Typically the photo capability is an extra plus in any mp3 player and not the main feature. Considering this fact, take a look at the below listed best mp3 players for pictures.

Buying tips to find the Best MP3 Player For Pictures of 2014 - 2015

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