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Touchscreens are the future of mp3 players. With sleek looks, aesthetic appeal and the wow factor you will be tempted to buy the best touchscreen mp3 players available in the market.

When buying the most rated MP3 Players with touchscreens, some key points should be considered as listed below:

The best MP3 Players with touchscreens have a large viewing screen area which allows you to watch full length movies, videos without any discomfort. With sharp resolutions, mp3 players with touchscreens offer better video quality. For better viewing experience, you should opt from any of the mp3 players with touch screen whose screen sizes ranges from 1.8 inch to 7 inch.

Navigation and accessing any of the built-in applications such as emailing, downloading, gaming, camera, etc present in the touch screen mp3 players is made easier by just tapping/swiping/scrolling rather than using buttons or knobs.

As the name itself suggests, Touchscreens are sensitive to touch and are also quite delicate, requiring them to be handled carefully. It all depends on if you are a rough user or not. So to have your best mp3 player with touchscreens in top working condition, no more rough handling, dropping, or throwing. It would cost you quite a bit to replace the touchscreen if it is damaged. As long as its carefully used touchscreen mp3 players last longer as buttons, moving parts such as knobs etc are not present.

The top selling mp3 players with touchscreens are priced anywhere in the range of $120 and above while the basic mp3 player with touch screen can cost as low as $30. If you are into just listening to music or audiobooks, then it will suffice to buy a low cost model with good audio quality.

Leading in the looks and touchscreen technology for the top most touchscreen mp3 players are the Apple iPods but other brands such as Microsoft, Sony, Samsung etc are also giving stiff competition to increase their market share.

Having this understanding of what to look for when buying the mp3 players with touch screen, take a look at the models shown below whose reviews are rated by the experts.

Apple iPod touch 32GB Black (5th Generation) NEWEST MODEL


1. Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen.    $210 - $322

Sony Black 16 GB NWZ-F805BLK Digital Media Player


2. Sony Walkman NWZ-F   

Apple 32 GB White iPod Touch Digital Media Player


3. Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen. White    $225

COWON X9 16GB Video MP3 Player


4. Cowon X9    $130 - $160

Samsung 4.2-Inch Galaxy Player


5. Samsung Galaxy Player   

Buying tips to find the Best MP3 Player with Touch Screen of 2015

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