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Music is a great companion when travelling. When listening to good music or watching a video on the mp3 players the entire journey will be a pleasant experience. Mentioned below are some of the things to consider when buying an mp3 player suitable for travelling.

The best mp3 players for travel are lightweight usually weighing less than 2 ounces. The outer casing should be sturdy to withstand any high impacts when travelling. If you are opting for outdoor activities, there are many waterproof mp3 players from brands such as Finis, QQ-Tech, Sony and JLab.

Suitable for travelling the mp3 players have easy to read LED/LCD screens with clear text font with screen sizes starting from 1 inch to upto 4 inches. Some mp3 players from Apple, Samsung are without any displays, very compact, lightweight with less than 1 ounce. With their built-in clip they are ideal when exercising, or on the move.

Rechargeable batteries with longer battery capacity providing atleast 15 - 20 hrs of music is the main point to consider when buying the best travel mp3 players. Around 1GB - 2GB of storage is sufficient for the active person/sports freak who is on the move. The higher capacity from 4 GB - above 32 GB is more ideal for those who want their entire music collection with them when travelling.

To make the journey enjoyable the sound quality can be enhanced by investing in good quality and comfortably designed headphones or ear plugs. The navigation and controlling of the various settings of these mp3 players should be easy with fewer strokes.

Keeping the above points in mind take a look at the listing below for the best mp3 players for travel.

Buying tips to find the Best MP3 Player For Travel of 2014

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