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The difference between an mp3 player and any of the latest smartphones/tablets is its video capability. Mp3 players are basically music playing devices with additional video support. Supporting all the common video formats such as mov, avi, mpeg4,XviD, WMV some of these mp3 players also accommodate the RMVB (RealMedia Variable Bitrate) file format for playing the videos.

For effective video watching, the mp3 players should have atleast 2 inch screen size. Having an LED/LCD screen makes off angle picture viewing better. It should be supported by a quick processor and good sound quality. This can be enhanced by the using the sound equaliser settings for outputting sound through the built in speakers present in these players. A nice pair of headphones can give a movie theater like experience when watching pictures.

Rechargeable batteries lasting for a minimum of 8 - 10 hrs of picture viewing with USB charging capability, large memory of atleast 2- 4 GB to store all your downloaded/ shared videos, good network support to access the online pictures are some of the points to consider when buying the mp3 players for pictures.

Our list of best mp3 which support picture viewing along with its ratings and specification is as shown below.

Buying tips to find the Best MP3 Player For Videos of 2014

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