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The best new touch screen laptops come mainly as convertibles and standard touch. These new touch screen laptops are from brands like Sony, Toshiba, Acer, HP, Asus and Fujitsu.

The top notch new touch screen laptops are Windows 8 machines which are powered by Intel Core i5/Core i7 processors running at speed 1.6 GHz or more. Majority of these touchscreen laptops have SSD storage of at least 128GB capacity and RAM size of 4GB or more. A few of them make use of 500GB HDD for storing all your digital content.

Convertibles with 11 inch to 13 inch touch screens could be your choice for everyday tasks. You can get more productivity with new touch screen laptop convertibles. These can work in tablet mode for use on the go, stand mode for sharing content and laptop mode for comfortable typing.

Traditional laptops with 14 inch and 15 inch touch enabled screens are now trending. These new mid-size touch screen laptops are responsive and have LED-backlit technology which offer high contrast ratio and better energy efficiency.

In an attempt to help you make good buying decisions, we present here the listing of the best new touch screen laptops which is based on the most noteworthy expert reviews from around the internet.

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