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Nikon is another major player in optical and imagery industry from Japan. Nikon has built a renowned brand on the strength of it's optics which it is best known for. They make some of the best optical lenses, used by other brands including the initial Canon cameras and even NASA. The best Nikon digital cameras and lenses are preferred by professionals the world over.

Another key area of expertise is the SLR technology which was originally invented and improvised by them. They had a near monopoly over professional photographers for over 30 years until Canon started catching up with their electronic SLRs with autofocus. Nikon was one of the first to make Digital SLRs as part of experimental project with NASA.

The best selling Nikon cameras are the dSLR's which range from the best selling D40 (for beginners and amateurs) to high end professional work-horses like D3X and D3S. For the amateur photo enthusiast, Nikon has their CoolPix range of cameras. The Coolpix range has some good offerings like the P series for semi pros, the L series for beginners and the trendy S- series models for the fashion-conscious.

Even though their CoolPix models have not found as much following as that of Sony or Canon, you will still find some standout models in the lineup.

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