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Nokia produces the latest smartphones running on the second generation Windows Phone 8 operating system under the Lumia product line. The Nokia Lumia smartphones which have colorful and stylish bodies, cater to the business users and consumers come with with the latest and innovative features.

The smartphone models from Nokia's Lumia smartphone line offer upto 4.5 inch high definition LCD and AMOLED screens and storage capacity up to 32GB along with 7GB of cloud storage in Microsoft's SkyDrive. Having dual core processors and camera of more than 8 megapixels, these cellphones also offer video recording in full HD format (720p and 1080p) using Carl Zeiss lens at 30 fps. With the help of PureView technology with Optical Image stabilization, Carl Zeiss lens helps you capture images while moving and in low light too.

The best Nokia smartphones have live tile interface of Windows Phone operating system for accessing applications. These smartphones arrive with GPS navigation services from Nokia, i.e., the Nokia Maps, support for most email clients, office tools from Microsoft: Office 365 and the support for fast browsing through the latest Internet Explorer 10.

Some of the innovative and technologies like wireless charging, and Corning Gorilla Glass for greater durability of touchscreens, have been implemented on the best Nokia smartphones. Most of these smartphones are available from carriers like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.

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