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The best notebook for beginners focuses on simplicity of use, excels in basic functions and is relatively less expensive than other models.

Notebook newbies seldom have need for complex programs requiring complex configurations, so the sub $1000 range carries options which are perfectly suitable and also offer a gamut of colours in most models.

The most important elements of consideration under this price bar are the processor, the memory and the storage capacity of your system; dual core processor with 2GB of RAM and 150 GB hard disk capacity would be ideal for a beginner’s needs, as it would also enable you to update your system without much hassle at a later stage for more professional uses.

Your next and perhaps least consideration should be the Operating system, and while your three best choices are Apple Mac, Linux and Windows, the Mac has the best user interface among the three. The best beginner’s notebook also has an integrated Wi-Fi and a DVD drive to achieve the best learning experience.

Buying tips to find the Best Notebook For Beginners of 2014

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