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With a $400 budget you can avail some of the best performance laptops for professional, business and home use. The best notebooks under $400 are also netbooks excelling in display features. A bunch of these laptops also come with 15-inch screens falling into midsize category. These affordable laptops run Windows 7/Windows 8/Chrome OS and are powered by Intel/AMD processors.

When buying a laptop under $400 you would definitely want to get most of the features which can help you in accomplishing basic tasks like web browsing, word processing and multimedia handling. You should go for the laptops in this price range which have processors running at speed greater than 1.3 GHz and RAM size of at least 4GB.

A few of the top notch laptops under $400 avail SSD with free cloud storage but most of them house 320GB SATA HDD for accommodating good amount of music, videos and photos.

Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Asus, Toshiba and Acer are major manufacturers of the top rated laptops under $400. You can refer our listing of the best laptops under $400 which is based on viewpoints of the topmost laptop review sites from around the web.

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