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The best notebooks for video editing can combine excellent multitasking speed with professional display quality.

Processing speed is foremost in importance for video editors so, a processor with four cores would greatly benefit the performance of heavy applications like video editing and designing that involve rigorous processing. An Intel Core i3 or Core i5 supported by 8 GB RAM would be the ideal choice, although you could make do with a 4GB RAM size as long as it is expandable.

The second most essential element for video editors is the picture clarity; this can be achieved to an extent by a large 14 to 17 inch screen of good resolution, but more importantly it's the presence of a good graphic card of at least 512 MB dedicated memory integrated into the system that enhances video quality..

Furthermore, a large hard disk capacity is essential for storing editing software along with the multifarious other files and programs necessary for editing. The best notebook for video editing is also eliminate the need for external headphones by including good inbuilt speakers.

Buying tips to find the Best Notebook For Video Editing of 2014

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