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Laser printers are always recommended for office usages considering the bulkier printing demands. The best printers for office are the most actively used machines throughout the day and the newly purchased machines which are going to be employed should be capable and reliable.

The best office laser printers offer great resolution, high speed and high quality in text and graphic prints along with convenient and efficient paper handling options.

Under the product lines Laserjet, Phaser and Magicolor, the best office laser printers are available from the brands like HP, Xerox and Konica respectively under $600 and $800 price ranges.

For the best office laser printer selection, we have sorted out the best workgroup printers using the laser technology. Workgroup laser printers enable a number of users in an office or business organization to use a single printer which is either connected via the wired Ethernet or the WiFi network. Workgroup printing is a cost effective way of using printers for teams or groups working collectively.

The best office laser printers make the bulk printing easier by managing heavy volumes of printing material. Most offices print high volumes of documents, letters and other texts everyday and choice of opting a monochrome or color laser printer depends purely of needs of workgroups. Because of the higher monthly duty cycle of the office laser printers, they come with a tag of high maintenance cost of the consumables: toner cartridge. Along with costly maintenance because of the consumables, the print material also accounts for expenditure.

For offices it is always suggestible to go for the versatile all-in-one laser printers which perform the functions with ease and thereby cutting the costs required for buying individual machines for performing the same functions. Before buying an office laser printer, check for printer compatibility with PC, Mac and other platforms like Linux - to suit the exact printer usage with your computer.

Check out our list of best office laser printers top rated by some of the best printer reviewers around the web.

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