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Olympus has a good share of interchangeable lens camera sales including DSLRs and compact system cameras, despite of very limited models they release every year. After the long run of SLR film cameras in the market, Olympus finally migrated to digital earlier than many of the manufacturers, with the implementation of E-System technology.

Olympus releases distinct line of E-System cameras for professional professional photographers with competitive features at frequent intervals. The best Olympus digital SLR cameras are aimed at advanced beginners to intermediate photographers and creative professionals. Olympus mostly sells DSLRs with body only, so you might have to bear the extra cost of the lens. The fully digital SLR system cameras from Olympus are generally smaller than average camera bodies.

The best DSLRs from Olympus are the premium models which implement the entirely digital proprietary Four Thirds standard for the interchangeability of lens from various manufacturers. This system also allows for compactness and lightness of these DSLR cameras.

Some of the latest features in the newer versions of Olympus DSLRs are HD video recording capability, support for artistic filters and the rugged designs which include the weatherproof features. Along with the traditional viewfinders, these cameras also support live view with the help of LCDs attached to the DSLR body. The additional features of the top most Olympus DSLRs include wireless flash control.

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